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This Yom Kippur: Don’t Forget the Small Print!

Did you ever tick the box “I have read and understood the terms and conditions” without looking and live to regret it? Unfortunately many of us do. Perhaps the greatest misconception about religion is that one can have a healthy relationship with G-d even though one does not have a good relationship with man. Great Jewish leaders through the ages sought to rectify this profound misunderstanding. Two sages stand out. Hillel the Elder (110 BCE–10 CE) and the Baal Shem Tov (1698-1760). It was Hillel who coined perhaps one of the most insightful thoughts in Talmudic literature. In response to the would be convert who sought to understand Judaism whilst standing on one foot, he responded: “Don't

Is The Child Within You Still Alive?

Why do we have a hard time being sincere to each other? Why is it so natural for young children to be honest? When and how exactly does this negative transition take place? As children we are all born pure and innocent. At this early stage in our lives it is neutral for us to be honest and straightforward without any pretense. Then one day we try to be someone whom we are not. We do this to make an impression on someone whose attention or love we seek. It’s a quick fix. We get the desired result. However this comes at a great cost. For by doing so we have damaged the natural alignment that exist between what we say and how we feel. The keyword in understanding the profound nature of our rela

Turn Around & Face Your Child

Are you comfortable looking into your own eyes? What feelings are evoked when you try? How about looking into the eyes of others? Are you at ease when you do so? What about your father or mother? What about your children? Don’t worry you’re not alone. For most of us it is difficult. Because when we face each other making eye to eye contact we are in effect inviting someone to peer into our soul and most of us have something to hide. It all begins when we are young and innocent. Then one day we do something we know we shouldn’t. At first we feel guilty. Then we do it again. After which we feel less guilty. However when we face others we feel embarrassed. At this point we begin to cover



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