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Yitro: Do You Think You Are Special?

Do you think that you are special? Is it synonymous with feeling superior to others? Do you feel less special if someone else also claims to be special? Has anyone ever told you that you are special? Do you believe them? Are the Jewish people special? If so, in whose eyes? What about others nations? This question has troubled Jews for millennia. Is this the reason behind antisemitism? To shed some light on the above we must first understand what the word “special” means. Interestingly we can find some guidance on this in this week’s Torah portion. In preparing the Jewish people for the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, G-d asks Moses to convey to them the following message: “You

Beshalach: Maintaining Our Focus In A World Of Disruption

In one of the most gripping biblical scenes we find the Jewish people as they are trapped between the Red Sea and an ensuing hostile Egyptian army. This enslaved nation who have just been liberated and are about to become a free people are on the verge of utter despair. Against this backdrop the cohesiveness of this new nation begins to fracture, eventually forming itself into four distinct factions, each pointing in a different direction. At this stage, Moses has no choice, so he turns to G-d. And it is in G-ds response to Moses that we find perhaps the most immortal words ever spoken to man. For contained in this message lies the secret in overcoming all adversity. G-d says “speak to the c

Bo:- Why Are You Afraid To Get To Know Yourself?

What really motivates you? Why do you get up in the morning? Why do you work so hard? Why do you go out of your way to help others? It is critical that we understand our true motives. Or in the modern parlance, our “why”. Once we are clear about our “why”, only then are we in a position to know “what” we want to achieve and “how” we go about achieving it. Any journey into the unknown whilst sounding romantic can also be frightening. Especially when the challenge at hand is getting to know yourself. We have constantly been told by our parents and the friends we choose, how good we are. We accept their flattering appraisal because it is very convenient. It is therefore exceedingly difficul

Va'eira : How To Communicate Timeless Values To Millennials?

To what extent should we compromise our values for the sake of harmony? Is it possible to maintain absolute standards in a world where disruption is the future? To put it simply, what language can we use to communicate our timeless values to Millennials? Human beings are a complex species. On the one hand we are essentially an agreeable race. We become aggressive or violent only when we feel threatened or frustrated. Ideally we would all like to live in peace and harmony. On the other hand we all sense the need for discipline and structure in our lives. A value system that sets a common moral standard to which society at large should adhere. Without which we are in effect encouraging



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