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Bechukotai: Positive Energy: Overcoming The Greatest Odds!

Everything we observe in the world around us is in fact a direct personal message from the Divine. An extraordinary success story that has recently captured the imagination of many has been Tottenham Hotspur’s reaching the Champions League Final. There are many football clubs in Europe that arguably posses greater talent and tactical skill, yet somehow it was this team that have persisted all the way to the final of this competition. When asked how he managed to inspire his team to achieve such success, the manager, Mauricio Pochettino responded that it was his belief in a vital invisible force called “energia universal”. That “all decisions, personal relationships and absolutely everything

Behar: Are Jews Obsessed With Anti-Semitism?

Are Jews too obsessed with anti-Semitism? Do we alleviate the problem by highlighting it? What should be our collective response to the rise of this hatred? A healthy person gets to know himself/herself by looking deep within. To define ourselves by the way others feel towards us is a recipe for disaster! Unfortunately in an age dominated by social media this has become a new reality. We have become afraid to think independently. It is not cool to be true to ourselves. We have lost the courage to act with conviction. This is where our role as a people is vital. Throughout history the mission of the Jewish people has been to challenge the popular trends of the day. Whether it be the

Emor : To Build Or To Destroy? The Choice Is Ours

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. (First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt) Reality is very different. Unfortunately, people do spend much time talking about others. Often the content is not favorable. People would like to believe that words don’t matter. After all, I’m not doing anything, I’m just uttering words. Surly, what real harm is caused? In truth however reality is very different. Words have huge impact. Both positively and negatively. Words can either build or destroy lives, literally. In offering insight into the name of this week’s Torah portion “Emor” (Speak) the Lubavitcher Rebbe teaches us that certain types of speech are in fact an impe

Kedoshim: Is There Any Part Of You That Is Holy?

Have you ever met a holy person? Are you able to explain its meaning? Is there any part of you that is holy? An insight can be derived from marriage. In the Jewish tradition when a man wants to marry a women he asks her “to be consecrated to him”. In fact, the ceremony itself is called “Kiddushin” from the word “Kadosh” (holy). A healthy union between a husband and wife is achieved when each one is wholly dedicated and committed to each other. When the values and vision of each spouse are totally aligned with the other. This is the true definition of marriage. It is is also the meaning of the word “holy”. The Jewish people have been invited and empowered by G-d to become holy. We can do so b

Tragic Events and a Timely Response

There must be something upon which all must agree. For all the unforeseen and ever widening reach of technology, together with the unprecedented exponential progress in so many areas of life, the world is in a state of deep unrest and agitation. And for the Jewish people it’s the same but naturally even more so. Yes, the crucial and most concerning factor is the chronic and ever rising anti-semitism and through recent generations, spiced with racial hatred and anti-Zionism but clearly with a very fine veil . The world has a problem. A big problem. But the challenge for the Jewish people is equally formidable and maybe more so. For all the statistician’s extrapolation acco

Acharei: A Time To Run! A Time To Hide! A Time To Confront!

“There is a time for silence and a time to speak” (King Solomon). Innocent men, women and children gunned down as they pray to G-d in a House of Worship! 21st century, USA. A new reality? Heaven forbid! On the last day of Passover when we celebrate freedom! How could this be happening? On the very day and moment when the words of the Prophets, assuring the Jewish people of Messianic times, were being recounted in that very Synagogue! As reports of the attack quickly reverberated around the globe, it was those images of Rabbi Yisrael Goldstein and his defiant message that profoundly captured the worlds imagination. His expression, was a mix of shock, horror and grief, yet his messag



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