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The Ultimate SatNav

Are you afraid of the future?

Do you feel that you have lost your bearings?

Do you sense that you are slowly losing control?

The good news is, you are not alone. This acute sense of uncertainty is a global phenomenon. No country is immune. And human beings like to feel in control. We don’t react well if we are not.

Even modern technology with all its highly complex algorithms are still at a loss regarding their attempts in predicting and controlling the future.

As always we take timely guidance and inspiration from our most timeless source, the weekly Torah portion. In the second verse we read what seems to be a simple part of the narrative flow: “And go to the place where the Lord your G-d will choose to establish His name”.

In truth however there is embedded in this phrase a most profound insight. In this case it is the Baal Shem Tov who helps us unleash the light within the text.

He explains the meaning of these few words as follows: The places we go in this world are in fact the places which G-d has chosen for each and every one of us. He even guides and accompanies us every step of the way. He does so for us to fulfil our life’s mission which is to illuminate our environment with the timeless values of our tradition.

We would all like to believe that we are in full control. In reality nothing could be further from the truth. We think about the future and we try to navigate a path where we maintain control of the ride. We try to avoid any surprises that might spoil the comfortable rhythm we have come to enjoy. We even invest huge resources in order to protect our future from any possible turbulence. Yes we would all like as much clear sight into our future as possible.

The Baal Shem Tov through this profound insight causes a great paradigm shift from our conventional thinking. He teaches us that it is G-d who chooses the path of man. He is our Sat Nav.

Yes, man must certainly make the right choices every moment in his or her life. However even whilst we are in the process of making our decisions, we should be sensitive and embrace the guidance of

G-d in order to determine the exact path in life on which we should embark.

Yes, man must certainly make the right choices every moment in his or her life. However we a constant awareness, even whilst we are in the process of making our decisions, the ultimate decider of the path we take on that journey, is G-d.

We must put in our best shot every day of our lives. We cannot avoid or neglect our responsibilities. However at the same time we must always remember as King David reminds us “All the steps of man are established by G-d”.

The sooner we learn to embrace this modus operandi, the smoother and more secure life’s journey becomes. Yes we might have our hands on the Steering Wheel, however it is Divine Intelligence that is guiding our every step.

What’s more, the Baal Shem Tov even showed people how to download the App.

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