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Advice From Jeff Bezos 

Jeff Bezos once said that the most important question for entrepreneurs is not: How the world will change in ten years. 

Instead, they should focus on asking themselves: What won't change in ten years?

As uncertainty continues to undermine our sense of inner peace and calm, we are all seeking alternative solutions. Now more than ever, we are all seeking more balance in our lives. 

To put it simply, we are searching for ways to connect to a more transcendent dimension of consciousness, which will enable us to safely navigate the 'rough seas'. 

Why would we seek out inexpensive artificial imitations of transcendence when we have access to the original authentic source of all transcendence?

Every individual has a timeless spark of infinity within them. Its power cannot be affected or undermined by any circumstance or experience.

Jewish resilience has always been attributed to this secret. It is anchored in a world where values, identity, and purpose remain constant despite the changing winds of the time. 

The manual for unlocking its power is clearly explained in the Torah, as illuminated by the teachings of Chassidus.

What's more is that we can access it through living a life that is a fusion of both transcendence and immanence. 

It’s a space where we are anchored in heaven, yet our feet are firmly on the ground. 

Through immersing ourselves in the story of our ancestors, over three thousand years ago, we will discover that their story is our story. 

Their navigational tools and inspiration have helped us become the next link in the chain of that miraculous story.

No force in the world can intimidate us.


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