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Finding the Silver Lining in Anxiety

Years ago, a friend of mine asked me this intriguing question: If you didn't have to work to make a living, what would you do?

The question is probing.

First, it challenges us to discover what we really like to do, which helps us get to know ourselves.

More deeply, we begin to ask ourselves questions that are more spiritual in nature.

Like, why was I born? What's my purpose for living? Is there any expectation of me?

Don’t worry. You are not alone in asking these questions.

A profound change is happening on a global scale.

Many people are looking to realign their lives more, both personally and professionally, based on their values and purpose.

There seems to be an acute sense of spiritual sensitivity, that is at the root of this tension, between where we are and where we want to be.

Perhaps this was triggered by a deep sense of uncertainty brought on by recent events.

Consequently, there is a greater, perhaps even desperate pursuit of inner peace and transcendence.

There is a most penetrating psychological insight from one of the great mystics of the modern era, known as the Chida (18th century Jerusalem mystic).

He points out that the Hebrew word “Deagah” (anxious), has the same numerical value as “Ahavah” (love) and “Echad” (one).

The mystics explain that all Hebrew words having the same numeric value are intrinsically connected.

The inference reveals a deeply rooted psychological truth.

The purpose of anxiety in our lives, is to help us discover a deeper intimacy with our core oneness, which is one and the same with all of humanity and our creator.

Anxiety is the stress test of that misalignement in us. The tension between our worldly lives and our deeper spiritual desires. Between our pragmatic choices in the short run and our values in the long run. Between our past and our future.

In other words, anxiety must be viewed as a catalyst of greater inner peace and harmony.

An opportunity for a greater realignment of our personal interests that will ultimately influence a greater realignment with humanity in general.


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