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Ki Sisa: The Price Of Friendship

Does there always have to be an us and them?

Will there ever come a time when we will all be on the same side?

Should we even dare to dream that this day will ever come?

Close your eyes and think about meaningful moments in your life.

An experience which gave you a profound sense of fulfilment.

It will almost always involve one person adding genuine value to the well-being of someone in need.

It is the moment when two people acknowledge both their strengths and weaknesses, and connect as giver and receiver.

However, there are many challenges to building healthy partnerships.

For example: Are we fully aware of our weaknesses and limitations?

Do we really appreciate our strengths, and consequently, our responsibilities?

What about our ability to accurately evaluate both the strengths and weaknesses of others?

How do we even begin the journey of overcoming our biases and deep rooted insecurities?

The mystics explain that the world was intentionally designed by our creator to be incomplete.

From the smallest subatomic component of an atom, to the wisest of all men, we are all fundamentally deficient.