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Parshat Beshalach: A Photo Which Captured The Imagination Of Millions!

A great photograph captures the depth of feeling.

Over the years, certain images have managed to encapsulate an era.

A recent example is the now-viral photo of Bernie Sanders, sitting alone at the inauguration, with his mittens crossed.

Somehow, this image has captured the imagination of millions around the world, transcending an otherwise divided world.

The picture strikes a pose of someone tired and lonely. Perhaps even, somewhat fed up, waiting for it all to be over.

In the current climate, we can all relate to these sentiments.

In an age of pace and acceleration, our lives have come to a relative standstill.

Our ability to plan for the future seems futile.

We seem to be living in a holding pattern.

In providing guidance for transition during historical disruption, the previous Rebbe coined the phrase: Stand (still), prepare, all of you!

Step one requires us to: Stop. Don’t rush. Stand still. Only then does clarity begin to emerge.

We have become too obsessed with the chase. We have forgotten how to experience the moment.

We are completely overwhelmed with the trends being imposed upon us by the digital forces. Both the known and unknown.

Our individual and unique voice has been crushed.

Step two: Prepare for the new world which is fast emerging. We are all being challenged to move out of our comfort zones.

Don’t pretend things haven’t changed. We will all have to adapt to a new reality.

And finally, perhaps most importantly, stage three: All of you!

Above all, the one lesson that this pandemic has taught us, is that the world is both interconnected and interdependent.

The world has changed. There is a new reality. It’s called win-win. It’s the only sustainable option.

Anything else will be on a downward trajectory.

Like all change, let’s first embrace this win-win approach on the ‘home front’. Before we know it, this will be become highly contagious.


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