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The Ultimate SatNav

Are you afraid of the future? Do you feel that you have lost your bearings? Do you sense that you are slowly losing control? The good news is, you are not alone. This acute sense of uncertainty is a global phenomenon. No country is immune. And human beings like to feel in control. We don’t react well if we are not. Even modern technology with all its highly complex algorithms are still at a loss regarding their attempts in predicting and controlling the future. As always we take timely guidance and inspiration from our most timeless source, the weekly Torah portion. In the second verse we read what seems to be a simple part of the narrative flow: “And go to the place where the Lord your G-d

Best Friends Make The Worst Enemies

Winston Churchill once said: You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life! Do we have enemies? Which of them are the most dangerous? How do we react or even respond? The weekly Torah portion opens with the words “When you go out to war against your enemies”. The first Lubavitcher Rebbe explains that the true enemy of man is the self centred inclination within each and every one of us. It appears benign. Initially there is no intention to cause harm to anyone. However with time this selfish instinct continually expands resulting in a diminishing regard for others. What makes this battle so challenging is the fact that we are all naturally inclined to

Fake News: Are we Victims Or Accomplices

Why is fake news so prevalent? Who decides what is fake and what is real? Are we victims of fake news or are we accomplices? This past Sunday I had the privilege to partake in a VIP tour of the “City of David”. It is upon this square kilometre where King David begins to build the city of Jerusalem as the capital for all the Jewish people in the land of Israel. As one descends below ground level an ancient world begins to come to life. Many artefacts of great historical significance have been found deep beneath the earth and rubble of this site. Recent finds include biblical names from the times of the Prophet Jeremiah engraved on ancient seals. Even remnants of the clothing of the High

A Magic World Beneath The Surface

What guide do we use to help us navigate through the complex terrain of life? How should we decide our next steps particularly when we find ourselves at a crossroad? Is there a spiritual GPS navigation system that can we use to help guide us through our lives? Over the past few days I have spent my time in Israel following a well planned itinerary. This morning I decided to try something different. Without any forward planning I walked through the narrow winding pedestrian streets of an old neighborhood in central Jerusalem called Nachlaot, where I’m staying, My only guide was to open up my eyes and ears and take in everything going on around me. The experience was most inspiring. I spoke an

Why Moses Is Concerned About Affluence?

To what extent are we as individuals, responsible for our own success? How much gratitude do we owe to our parents, family and friends? What about outside forces beyond our control? As Moses takes leave from the children of Israel on the other side of the Jordan he shares his concerns for their future. Above all he is worried about affluence for it this that will likely beget arrogance. In his memorable words Moses conveys the following timeless message to his people. “When you have eaten your fill and have built fine houses to live in.... and your silver and gold have increased. Beware lest your heart grow haughty and you forget your God.... And you say to yourselves “My own power have won



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