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Shemot: How Often Do You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone?

How often do you step outside your comfort zone? Why are we so hesitant to do so? Is it still possible to maintain a comfort zone in a world where distruption is the new trend? Human beings can get used to almost anything. However, we don’t like change. Our physical and mental composition encourages set norms in all areas of our lives with minimal disruption. This however represents only part of the story. As we dig deeper we discover that at the core of our being there exists a powerful drive which seeks to challenge the status quo. In truth it is both of these forces that exist side by side creating a dynamic tension which results in life as we know it. This phenomenon is played out

Vayechi: Can A Human Being Be Purely Altruistic?

Why are are we kind towards others? Are we being altruistic or are we really just thinking about ourselves? Are human beings able to do an act of kindness that is purely altruistic? Our operating system is highly complex. There are countless levels in the conscious and subconscious worlds that comprise our being. Most of us have little awareness or the courage needed to discover the true motives behind our behavior. According to the mystical tradition as explained by the first Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Jew is comprised of two souls: The animal soul and the G-dly soul. Each of these souls compete to find expression in the consciousness and behavior of man. In simple terms this would transl

Vayigash: Are You a Spectator or a Player?

Are you a spectator or a player? What is the difference between the two? How does one become a player? Many of us would consider ourselves to be sports fans of a particular team. We watch them each season either from our seats in the stadium or on our living room couches, cheering them on as they do their best to win the game. We are overjoyed when our team is victorious. We are saddened when they are defeated. However, as passionate as we are about the teams we support, in reality we remain a mare spectator of the game. The players are the ones who are on the pitch or in the arena. They are the ones who truly win or lose the game. We as spectators are only living vicariously through tho

Mikeitz - Chanukah Are People Inherently Good or Bad?

Do you sometimes doubt the inherent goodness in humans? Can people ever reach a point of no return? What is the true nature of our core essence? The world in which we live is a complex mix of what is morally good and bad. Ask yourself the following: On a scale from one to ten how would you rate yourself? How do you think your friends and family would rate you? How would your performance compare with your potential? Is the world around us a “good” place to live? Are our leaders well intentioned? In which direction is society heading? Is the world in which we live today a better place then the one in which we as children were brought up? Will the world which our children inherit be bet



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