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Pinchas: Moral Courage In A World Of Confusion

As a young boy I visited the John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum in Boston which made a deep impression upon me. Walking around the vast campus one hears a vast array of some of the 20th centurie’s most eloquent speeches from John Kennedy and his brothers. The speech which made a most profound impact on me was the eulogy given by Ted Kennedy at the funeral of his brother Robert who was assassinated - because he spoke out in support of Israel - in June 1968. “My brother need not be idealised or enlarged in death beyond what he was in life, to be remembered simply as a good and decent man, who saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it, saw war and tried to stop it

Balak: Don’t Be Afraid To Be Unique

Are you afraid to be different? If yes, why so? Are the Jewish people different to all other people? Should we try to blend in a little more? If we do so, will the nations of the world respect us more for it? This timeless dilemma has evoked intense debate as to the role of the Jewish people in society. Is it our purpose to fully integrate into our respective local communities. To what extent should we lose our unique identities. Should we be a “nation like all other nations”. Or should we stand apart, separate ourselves from the society in which we live. In this week’s Torah portion we can gain a profound insight into this dilemma. It is offered by Bilaam, who although was no friend of the

CHUKAT: The Danger of Letting Others Define You

How well do you know yourself? To what extent are you letting other people define you? Why are you afraid to find out the truth about who you really are? The obvious starting point to any journey in life is to know who you are. This is even more important then knowing where you are. Yes human being are highly complex and subjective creatures. However self-knowledge should certainly be a primary aspiration for anyone seeking success and happiness in life. What about our identity as Jews? What does it mean to be a Jew? How do non Jews define us? Does it matter? One of the reasons it is vital to know ourselves is because if we don’t we run the risk of letting others define us. This is pa

Korach: Why Was I Born?

Why was I born? Is there any way to find out? Can I or anyone truly make a difference in this crazy world? So many powerful forces. So much hate, cynicism and anxiety. So unpredictable. Does anyone care about anyone anymore? Where have all the selfless people gone? The answer is, a resounding, YES. Yes we can make a difference. Yes we can discover our purpose in life. Otherwise G-d would not have created you and me. But first we must: Stop. Be quiet. Switch off the noise! Look into the mirror. Look into your eyes (for five minutes). What do you see? Most of us will begin to see a pure and innocent child. Filled with trust in the inherent goodness of man. Imbued with hope about the future. Be



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