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Ki Tisa: How To Deal With A Child Who Rebels?

Do you love your parents only because of what they have done for you? Do you love your children only when they behave? Is the love that you have for your spouse performance related? Is love selfish or altruistic? Is it reasonable to expect something in return for the kindness we show towards others? What are our true motives when it comes to love? A profound insight into the core dynamics of all relationship can be gleaned from an intense dialogue that takes place between Moses and G-d in this week’s Torah portion. The Jewish people on the back of just having experienced revelation at Mount Sinai have committed the cardinal sin of idol worship. Moses is on the mountain desperately negotiatin

Tetzaveh: Transforming Pressure Into A Catalyst For Greatness!

Are you under too much pressure? Is the amount of pressure we are able absorb in our lives commensurate to our success? How does one thrive under pressure? The mystics enjoy using metaphors in order to convey abstract ideas . One of the most powerful is that of “light”. However in order to understand the idea we first have to deconstruct the metaphor. “Light” is generated as a result of the combustion of a fuel. Olive oil being one of many. But in order to produce the oil, the olive must first be squeezed. Sadly there is no other way! Our timeless mission statement as a people is to be “A Light unto the Nations”. Each and every Jew, both as individuals and collectively as a people, ha

Terumah: Do You Believe Life Is Fair?

Why do some people have more then others? Why are some born rich whilst others are born poor? Why are some blessed with great intelligence whilst some less so? If there indeed is a design to this universe why does there seem to be so much disparity in society? Why does the world seem so unfair? In this week’s Torah portion G-d instructs Moses to “Speak to the Children of Israel and let them take for me a portion”. The Rebbe offers a counterintuitive insight which profoundly alters one’s perspective on this matter. When you give something to someone you are in fact receiving more then your are giving. In other words; the one who gives is really taking. Whilst the one who takes is really

Mishpatim: Who Decides What Is “Real” And What Is “Fake”?

What is the definition of “fake news”? Who decides what is “real” and what is “fake”? Does reality even exist beyond our perception of it? Think of social media and the way we project ourselves to our “friends”. Is that the “real” you or the “fake” you? What about our choice of “friends”? Why do we choose them? Why do they choose us? Why do we even feel the need to project ourselves to the outside world. In a stunning insight on this week’s Torah portion the Rebbe explains there are two types of Laws: There are laws that are an expression of reality which in turn shapes human life. Then there are laws that are shaped by a reality which is created by humans. There is a simple question



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